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Colonel Harry Lomas

RHQ The RLC is delighted to announce that Her Majesty the Queen has graciously appointed Major (Retd) Harry Lomas MBE BEM FIH as the Honorary Colonel of 167 Catering Support Regiment The Royal Logistic Corps, with effect 1st March 2021.
Throughout his career, Colonel Harry has worked as venue manager at the 2012 Olympics, Executive Head Chef at the Grove Hotel and also as Head of Culinary with Delaware North at Wembley Stadium.
Welcoming the Honorary Colonel to the Regiment via a video call, the Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Jo Young said: “With his background, experience and passion for catering, Colonel Harry will be a superb ambassador and role model for both the new recruits coming in, as well as the more senior members of the Regiment. He has a depth of military and civilian catering knowledge and a remarkable network within the culinary industry which he plans to mobilise to the benefit of the Army Reserve Chef. We are looking forward to working with Colonel Harry to reinforce the unique position of the British Army’s only Regiment of Chefs”.


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