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Next Regular Meeting of Tudor Lodge
9th October 2019

Ceremony - 2nd Degree
The Meeting will Tyle at 5.00pm
Tea and Biscuits will be served in the Dining Room at 4.30pm

The menu for the evening is:
to be confirmed



The Annual Meeting of PGL Herts takes place on Wednesday 25th September at Freemasons' Hall. The booking forms were distributed with the Spring 2019 edition of the Provincial News. Confirmation of attendance must be made by Provincial Officers and Master Masons no later than Friday 13th September. All attendees must be seated by 2.40pm before the various processions of Grand Officers, Masters of Hertfordshire Lodges, Distinguished Guests and the Provincial Grand Officers takes place.
The Dining cost is £52.00 per person and takes place at the Grand Connaught rooms at 6.30pm. If any Tudor member has not received the booking form and would like to attend, please contact the Lodge Secretary.



Solomon is aimed at three specific groups:
- Those who want to learn more about their masonry
- Those with programme planning or member development responsibilities in a Lodge or Chapter
- Provincial or District Officers charged with promoting and providing learning resources and activities
The materials provided include 'nuggets', short informational pieces for general reading or for presentation in Lodge or Chapter, and Papers for personal study which include quizzes to complete.
To access Solomon go to and register to get involved.


The layout of the Lodge may often look the same but can be subtly different in many Lodges. In general, the Lodge furniture is found in the same place but seating arrangements can differ between Lodges and Provinces. While Grand Officers will nearly always sit to the right of the Worshipful Master, the Stewards may sit on different sides of the Lodge. Some Officers will always sit in the same place, especially the Worshipful Master and those Officers in line to the Chair, while others do not have a specific seat.
Download a PDF of the
Lodge Layout typically used in Tudor Lodge.


Many newer members in Freemasonry may not realise just how many Side Degrees are available once membership of Craft masonry has been gained. While the first Side Degree to be introduced is usually the Royal Arch Chapter, others are also available with some dependant on membership of one or more degrees. A table explaining the relationship between the Degrees can be downloaded below.
Download a PDF diagram of Freemasonry and the Side Degrees

The Tudor Lodge Banner was dedicated in a ceremony held on Saturday 13th July 2013, celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Lodge. Presiding over the Provincial dedication team was the then Provincial Grand Master, RW.Bro Colin Harris. The Lodge Worshipful Master for the year was W.Bro Wally Instrall who at that time had been in Freemasonry and Tudor Lodge for 57 years. This was the first banner for the Lodge which was generously donated by W.Bro Robbie Biggs who oversaw the design and manufacture from start to finish. The Lodge Room was full to capacity for the occasion and nearly 100 masons dined afterwards to celebrate this milestone in the history of the Lodge.



Freemasonry as we know it today was founded in 1717. On 24th June 1717 four London established Lodges came together at the Goose and Gridiron Tavern in St Paul's Churchyard and declared themselves a Grand Lodge. This was the first Grand Lodge in the world, and it is the Tercentenary of this date that was celebrated in 2017.


On 24th June 2016, UGLE launched a Tercentenary Jewel to commemorate 300 years of Grand Lodge. The jewel may be worn in perpetuity by qualified Brethren at all Craft meetings.

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